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Saturday, August 14, 2010

the magic of music...

one of the reasons why i love my job as a fashion stylist is.. you've got to create something that you like. ◕‿◕

i could still remember, when i first became a stylist, one photographer told me the difference between fashion stylist in indonesia and other countries. generally, fashion stylists are responsible for making models/celebrities look good. show the wearers' personality and style through the wardrobes that they are wearing, and they have the art director and photographer to do the other works. but here in indonesia or at least in the company i work with, as a fashion stylist, for every project, you have to think from the concept, angle shoot, pose directing, find/make property, styling and bla blaa (there's a lot more..) it's like one package of art director + stylist --___--"

although that's the extra work, i still love it, coz i can create something on my mind and bring my vision to life.

so the point is, i really love the theme that had been given to me for the photoshoot of these project.

yup! music!

music to me is...
a part of the magic that ever created..
somehow it's too beautiful and almost untouchable..
and as important as the earth element such as air...

. . . . . . . .

so, i would like to share some of my work that inspired by music..

for this cover shoot, i had the chance to work with a talented indonesian singer, gita gutawa. the concept was to make her look cute and unique in music wonderland.

the piano skirt was made by me xixi.. as a fashion designer, i always feel challenged to create something unique. it took me 2 days to finish the skirt (deadline.. deadline..), yeah and there's a little bit of mistake ∩﹏∩" hahaa.. only managed to make the skirt looks the way i want it to be, but it's really uncomfortable to wear. geez.. i made something wrong with the construction pattern. but she's such a sweet heart, so she tried to bear the uncomfortable skirt ♡

and there she was, smiling with the music notes-shaped-ballons and background full of sheet music papers.

kinda like the final result, except for the m*k* *p, it seems too thick for teens :p

♡ model: gita gutawa
♡ make up: bennu
♡ hair do: rian ogilvy
♡ wardrobe: pinku.beibii.chan (that's my brand ^o^), up II date
♡ stylist: lucia leaf
♡ photography: m. hasriel

. . . . . . . .

as for this fashion spread project, i had to find wardrobes that are inspired by music instruments (it was quite a challenge).

the concept was, as if the model transformed into a musical note that being played/marked on the staff. that's why i made a little hat that looks like a musical note tip for the hair-do.

. . . . . . . .
Main Musik

Alat musik menghasilkan alunan suara indah ketika para musisi memainkannya.
Keunikan bentuknya ternyata juga dapat menginspirasikan kita dalam bergaya.
Show your feeling through music and your style through musical instrument...

Magical Black & White
Pianoforte nggak hanya membuat sang piano repertoire Beethoven jatuh cinta ketika menyentuh tuts-tuts magic-nya. Dikenal dengan nama populer Piano, alat ini siap membuat kita jatuh cinta dengan perpaduan hitam dan putih yang elegan. Simply Beautiful!

Strings Of Seduction
Sulit menolak keindahan lekukkan Violin yang begitu menggoda. Para luthiers alias violin maker menginspirasi kita untuk bermain dalam round bubble volume dan sedikit sentuhan stripes. Viola Violin!

Wooden Voices
Setiap bar Xylophone merepresentasikan sebuah nada. Percampuran bar kayu pendek dan panjang menghasilkan dentingan lucu. Penggabungan warna-warninya juga terlihat ceria dan menarik. Wonderful Lovable!

Indonesian Bamboo
Bunyi "mimpi" yang terdengar dari benturan pipa bambu (Angklung) ini, konon diciptakan dan dimainkan rakyat Sunda untuk memikat Dewi Sri turun ke bumi, agar tanaman padi rakyat tumbuh subur. Ternyata, bukan hanya bunyinya yang memikat kita, bentuk asimetris pada pipa bambu tentu lebih memikat kan? Feelin' deep inside the bamboo groove!

♡ model: alberta claudia
♡ make up & hair do: bhiemo salim
♡ wardrobe: miss quirky, pinku.beibii.chan, up II date
♡ stylist: lucia leaf
♡ text: lucia leaf
♡ photography: honda tranggono
♡ digital imaging: herry

. . . . . . . .

the wardrobe in "Magical Black & White" and the mini skirt in "Indonesia Bamboo" were made by me, simply bcoz i love piano and angklung ^o^

this got to be one of my favourite fashion pages. it's simple yet allows me to play with my imagination.

so.. thank u music...

Friday, August 13, 2010

it's delicious!

only by looking at this...

it reminds me of candies, rainbow and kue lapis...

does this reminds you of something else? :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

my oh-so-fab headpiece!

this is my latest work..
beauty photoshoot for GADIS magazine no.21 (03-12 august 2010)

feels like a princess..

summer girl..

poker hair..


♡ model: annisa hadad, anizabella, anindia, tania
♡ make up & hair do: andriani santoso, fransiska effendi
wardrobe: chic girl
♡ stylist: lucia leaf
♡ photography: jane djuarahadi

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"just staying one day ahead of yesterday"

hello me today...

morning tweet..

ready to start the day..

sunshine so shiny..

works works..

experimenting with..

almost the time to go.. tick tock..

afternoon skies..

while waiting for the red traffic light turns green..
that cute doggy was trying to get out from that box..

where i parked my car..

dinner at sushi tei - plaza senayan..

sashimi salad..

little peek-a-bo0 that makes my heart goes ♡..

it's almost 00:00am. i'm super tired, so i'm gonna sleep like there's no gravity..

Monday, August 9, 2010

the last day...

the time has come... for me to kiss goodbye...

farewell my dear..

thank you...
for being there from the very beginning..
held me through sadness, and wiped away tears..
make me the person i am today..

no.. i won't regret the past...
but i want my wishes-came-true in the future...
so dear.. i have to let go...
now it's time for me to take a step closer to my dreams...

i believe i deserve to live my dreams...

and someday..
there will be a time for us to meet again... ❤

Sunday, August 8, 2010

meet the pocky-doggy!

this afternoon..
there's something suspicious inside my crystal ball tote bag...
seems heavier than before.. hmm.. ???...

ahh! turns out, there's a pocky ポッキ
pocky is a japanese snack food produced by the ezaki glico company of japan. funny fact is, it was named after the japanese onomatopoetic word for the sound pocky makes when bitten, pokkin. hahaa.. if it was an indonesian snack, maybe the name will be something like "kreseekk or kriuuk" ^o^

it comes with a pocky-doggy on the backside of the box..

pocky-doggy said "please.. carry me inside ur bag.. promise, i'll be a good dog.."

and i said "ok, why not? ur soo super cute! ^o^"

and i enjoyed the pocky-pocky.. a biscuit stick coated with chocolate.. it's delicious...

pocky made my day! ╰(•‿•)╯